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v2.0 Features - Default module implementation!

Oct 23, 2008 at 12:46 AM
Version 2.0 will include a default (and configurable) bonus module. Right now, I'm making this a raw Unilevel with some breakaway ranks (and payments).

The features of this module do not follow any published plan (that I am aware of), but any suggestions will be considered. Right now, I plan on implementing full compression and basic PV, GV, OV, Active Legs, and Number of Breakaways for promotion qualifications. Payouts will include Unilevel, Generation, and Retail. If you want me to add something more, please speak up.

If you need a bonus module for your company and don't mind the basis of it being publicly available (yeah, slim chance, but I thought I'd offer anyway), I'd be happy to do the programming and the support (within reason) for free. I will, of course, make the source code available here once we've completed basic integration testing.
Aug 13, 2015 at 8:10 PM
Suggestion for additional unilevel feature would be a fast start bonus, as these are very prevalent currently. Basic structure is that bonus is based on sales and recruiting targets met in arbitrary timeframes, (typically 30,60,90 days), where the timeframes are set for each node based on each node's start date. Typically the recruiting requirements are for 'qualified' recruits, meaning they have to meet some minimum PV level. And quite often there is a matching bonus for the new recruits' sponsor. Let me know if this suggestion is too ambiguous. If it is, I'll create a more specific example.